Wi-Fi OG Marijuana strain useful information

Are you into good-quality weed strains? Does marijuana help you relax and enhance your mood? Are you looking for a strain that would be beneficial for your creative output? Well, in that case, you should try out the WiFi OG strain.

All about WiFi OG? 

It is an Indica-dominant strain (60/ 40) with a high THC level of around 22-28% average, which is gaining immense popularity among growers and users in recent times. It smells like spicy earth. This strain is great for mood upliftment. 


This strain was first created by crossing Fire OG and The White to form a reliable strain. This strain mostly grows in dry environments with high temperatures of just below 90 degrees. Many data suggest that OG Raskal Seeds bred this baby in Southern California to give a potent and spicy calm. This strain is also known as OG Kush in many regions.

This plant is generally broken into spade-like green nugs with thick trichomes, forming a thick golden-colored layer. It thrives in slightly dry climates and takes about 65 days to flower. The yield intensity is mostly high. It is also noted that this strain resists pests and diseases. 

However, one must regulate its growing temperature, along with moisturizing and trimming it frequently. According to growers, there are numerous phenotypes of White Fire OG. Some of these are dense, barrel-like buds and some have pointed structures like cones. 

So the next time you see this strain, you would be able to recognize it at first glance. And the flowering period is a worthy wait as far as the results are concerned.

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How does it taste?

WiFi OG strain tastes exquisite. It is a mix of citrusy, peppery, and earthy flavors blended that leaves a pungent and diesel-like smell when you exhale. Many have regarded the taste to yield outstanding therapeutic effects. It is the perfect combination of being spicy and earthy. 

What does it offer?

If you have acquired a plant of WiFi OG and you live in the appropriate climatic conditions for it to grow, what would it offer? Well, you’re sure to feel elated at first. Many have claimed that since it is also known by the name, White Fire- it will slowly help your brain to relax and offer what you would be expecting. The perfect high! 

The name White Fire does justice to what you feel when you consume it. Some have also vouched that it surely makes you focused, joyful, and gives you a sense of purpose. A remarkable feeling of clarity would also sink in. It works as a great stress-buster too. Hence, with WiFi OG, all you will feel is calm, relaxed, and productive!

Many consumers say that the effects of this strain are ideal for social activities of creative nature besides making the person happy and at ease without losing energy or stimulation. Some have also noted that WiFi OG strain is among the best ones available. It definitely does not make you drowsy. 

It is very helpful in coping with anxiety. It induces energy for focus and gives people the high they would surely enjoy. It induces strong positive thoughts and helps to let go of negative things that are weighing you down. 

It also helps to induce sleep. It is known to be helpful to tackle issues like pain, ADHD, stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Some have also said that it makes you lazy, and the feeling is enjoyable. All you will do is let your stress drain out and move into an ecstatic state with this amazing strain of marijuana. You would love the taste of it if you are into weed. 

Many medical marijuana patients have highly acknowledged this strain for cancer, glaucoma, pain, appetite loss, and many other issues. Hence, it is undoubtedly a useful strain among users. For all your needs of tackling medical issues or to attain a certain high to be productive, this strain is the go-ahead!

Adverse Reaction

Some standard side effects include feeling parched with a dry mouth sometimes accompanied by dry and itchy eyes. Those who are not accustomed to high TLC levels may experience mild bouts of paranoia.

Growing Wi-Fi Og

Wifi OG can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, close attention should be given to its PH levels as it requires a more acidic environment to grow.

Indoor growing demands a warm setting. It would take around 9 to 10 weeks to flower and yield a generous harvest. 

When growing outside, this hybrid is ready for a generous harvest around the month of October. 

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