The Purple Punch Strain: All You Need To Know.

It is very rare to find a strain of cannabis that’s so perfectly blended and delicious, it just has an altogether amazing vibe to it. One such strain is the Purple Punch. The name purple punch does give a fruit smoothie vibe, isn’t it? Well, it sort of is.

However, don’t take this fruity treat for granted. The purple punch as the name stands does have a fruity flavour to it and sits right with its suffix ‘punch’, which refers to its punch of relaxation in every dose.

So, what’s this fruity yet powerful strain all about? Let’s find for ourselves.

What is Purple Punch?

The Purple Punch is a powerful and yet so delicious strain of cannabis that is a perfect bliss to consume. Its ‘purple-y’ or fruity flavour gives it a unique identity and taste which makes it even more special. You get a whiff of grape, blueberry and a well-measured concoction of other tropical fruits in this single strain of wonder.

The Purple Punch consists of 29.8% THC. It gives a soothing relaxation effect from top to bottom, meanwhile adding the fruity goodness. The Purple Punch is an Indica dominant hybrid which makes it a truly relaxing strain of cannabis. Moreover, its sweet taste makes it the perfect after-meal smoke time option for many users.


When you take the first does of the Purple Punch, it’ll start having its effects, starting from the eyes. The simulation starts from your temples and moves down slowly but strongly.

Its high indica content makes you feel the relaxing and loosening effects on your limbs through the spine. The almost 305 THC content makes the Purple Punch a strain with reasonably high sedating effect. If you are a new user, you might as well fall asleep in an extra hit. Brace yourself.

Once the strain hits completely, it’s just you, your euphoria and endless munchies for a long long time.


This is what we feel is the coolest thing about the Purple Punch - its fragrance.

The Purple Punch might take you to your childhood with its fruity, strong grape-like Kool-Aid scent. It carries with itself a sweet and sugary note combined with a hint of spicy pineapple. So, your dessert is sorted.

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As the name, so the flavor.

The strong grape flavor surrounds your taste buds with every dose of it. The exhaled smoke is almost citrus in nature and tastes with a finish of blueberry muffin to it. 

Didn’t we say it will take you down to your childhood? It surely does with its sour Skittles-like taste.

How Does It Look?

Whoever says that looks don’t matter has never seen a beautiful strain of Purple Punch. Its deep purple hues combined with a vibrant green gives it a distinct identity and aesthetic looks. 

Furthermore, it does give out orange, and even yellow pistils at times which balances the flower out making it a treat to look at and smoke as well.

Medical Benefits

Don’t they say, the things which we love hurt us the most? That isn’t the case with the Purple Punch.

Many users of the Purple Punch have reported the strain helping them with their anxiety, stress and depression. Due to its Indica-rich composition, the strain has some amazingly effective relaxing effects making it apt for losing one up for a while.

Purple Punch’s high caryophyllene concentration in the terpene profile makes it equally effective for arthritis, sinus, chronic pains and even headaches. Eventually, the intense sedative effect makes it equally effective for insomnia. 

Its high-sedative effects make it a relaxing getaway for stressful individuals and the ones who need to relax and chill a little.

Adverse Reactions: The Purple Punch Effect

While cottonmouth and red eyes are something prevalent in the cannabis world, the intense sleepiness is what makes the Purple Punch stand out. 

Now, the intense sleepy sensation is a result of its high indica content which is obvious enough for you to feel all lethargic after a few drags.

Make sure you go easy on the strain and aren’t overwhelmed by its nodding effects.

Purple Punch: THC, CBD, Sativa, Indica Content

The Purple Punch is a perfect amalgamation of all the components that make a strain amazing. It has a 29.8% THC content making you feel all loose and relaxed.

CBD content in the Purple Punch stands at 1% providing a beneficial range of conditions.

Adding on, the Purple Punch has an 80-20 ratio. Despite Purple Punch’s unusual inclination towards the Indica front, this strain provides an increased level of focus and functioning that makes it beneficial for a wide range of activities.

Yield Time

The yield time varies for the Purple Punch, depending on the fact if you are growing the bud indoors or outdoors.

Due to its high Indica concentration, this strain has a short flowering time. You can start looking for a hint of flowers after 7 to 8 weeks. If you are growing it outside, the Purple Punch usually needs warmer climatic conditions and the harvest happens at the end of October.


There rarely happen to be strains that are so beautifully balanced in all senses. Purple Punch is one such strain of cannabis.

The strain shot to fame in 2018 and has been in trend since then. This bud right here is one magical invention if you ask any of your cannabis-loving friends. Heck, you can even try it yourself if you haven’t yet. Having a fruity flavour it might even taste better. However, go easy on it if you are just beginning or you might as well doze off soon.

The Purple Punch is the perfect child of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple that the world yearned for.

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