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The first step to a great grow is germinating your seeds properly. Research shows there are several methods to achieve seed germination. We suggest the following approach. Why? Because we’ve seen it produce the best germination results with the least work possible.

How To Germinate Seeds

Germination, when done the right way, is easy to achieve. It’s also the first step to getting great bud. That’s why you want to make sure you get it right! To help you get the best results possible for your germination we’ve broken our favorite method down into 6-easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Submerge Your Seeds In Water

For optimal results, germinate your seeds in the dark. Get an opaque cup and fill it with clean filtered water. Once the water reaches room temperature drop the seeds in the water (seriously, this won’t hurt the seed). If you see any seeds floating on 2nd day lightly tap the seed with a clean finger or instrument and they will fall to bottom of cup (all seeds should be at bottom of cup of water by 3rd day). Refill cup carefully with water if you see the water getting dirty. Best results show a tail (radical) pop-out from the seed within 24-72 hours. Note it may take up to as many as 7 days.

Step 2: Plant Seeds In Soil

Carefully move your sprouted seeds (emphasis on careful here) to tiny pots filled with soil. Bury the seed (tail side down) in a ½ inch of soil. Very lightly cover the seed (do not press down).

Step 3: Add Light

Your plants will quickly break soil. When they do they’ll need light or they’ll quit growing. We suggest using 36 Watt CFL tubes and placing them two inches from the plants. As the plant gets taller, raise CFL lights higher.

Step 4: Keep Soil Moist

Using lights will quickly dry your soil out. Your seeds will need water to keep growing. To ensure your seeds don’t die we suggest using a plant sprayer to moisten the soil twice a day (once when you wake up and again before going to bed).

Step 5: Move The Plant To A Bigger Pot

After 2-3 weeks you’ll notice roots begin to poke out of your tiny pot. The time has come to move your plant so it has more space to grow! Carefully introduce your plant with its soil to a bigger pot so it has room to keep growing.

Step 6: Your Seeds Are Ready

Not long after transplanting your seeds will be ready to move again! Once your plant measures 8-12 inches from soil to tip you can move it to its final growing space! Once you hit this phase you can either move your plant outside or into your grow room under your MH/HPS/LED lights.

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