Purple Thai Cannabis Strain Review

Cannabis is known for its therapeutic benefits worldwide. There isn’t any dearth of literature about Cannabis and the myriad benefits it has to offer. However, if you are searching online for articles reviewing its strains, you may end up being disappointed. 

This is why ahead we have provided an in-depth review of the Purple thai cannabis strain. From talking about its color and texture to digging deep down upon its psychoactive properties, we’ve covered everything. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

CBD & THC: What are they?

Before beginning with the review, you must get a brief idea about what CBD & THC entails. Simply speaking, CBD is one of the two chemical compounds that are obtained from marijuana and hemp plants. The other compound is THC. The only difference between these two is that of psychoactive properties, which are present in THC but not in CBD. 

So this essentially means, having THC would make you high but the same doesn’t hold for CBD. THC proves to be quite a potent strain even for experienced smokers. This is why it becomes important to be aware of the content of the strain you are going to consume. 

Introduction to Purple Thai: All you want to know

To give you a holistic review of this strain, we’ve divided the whole section into several heads such as history, appearance, smell, medical benefits, and so on. We hope after reading the whole piece your doubts would be cleared.


This strain was originally bred by a company known as Anesia seeds and its unique properties have served as an inspiration for several other top-quality strains such as Purple haze, Chemdawg 91, and so on. It is thought to be a mix of Highland Oaxacan Gold and Chocolate Thai. Both these strains have transferred their qualities and traits to Purple Thai, making it something every cannabis enthusiast strives to experience. 

Growth Info

This strain’s heritage is connected with Mexico and Thailand, which are two tropical countries. This makes it obvious that it requires plenty of moisture and heat. And if your country or region has a similar environment, you must look up to grow it. However if the above is not the case, you can try growing it in a controlled environment or indoors. As per our knowledge, the flowering time of this strain is around 11-13 weeks, which is considered a long period by the insiders. 

However, the high yield produced by this plant compensates for the ‘not so desired’ long gestation period. In fact growers could expect more than 500g per square meter with indoor cultivation and a perfect environment. At the same time, outside growers with good soil conditions and weather could expect even 1 Kg per square meter of yield easily. 

So the bottom line is, if you wish to grow this strain, make sure you provide good weather, sunlight, and irrigation. 

Important chemical properties

It is a Sativa dominant strain boasting 80% Sativa and 20% indica. This strain is considered strong and the credit goes to high THC content, almost 22-24%. On the other hand, the CBD content is only 0.26%. This means the strain is not for the faint of heart and it should ideally be used by intermediate users who are comfortable with the strong highs.

Appearance and looks

It has a unique purple appearance which is due to its large purple buds. The buds are very dark-purple oblong and loose which gives it a beautiful look. 

Medical Use

The strain is beneficial in a host of medical situations. It can work as an appetite stimulant, give a creativity boost, help in fighting depression, provide relief from stress, and in general keep you happy. Overall, this strain is highly recommended for people suffering from fatigue, depression, or stress as it has energetic effects. At the same time, people suffering from pain could also try it because it numbs the body to relieve the body from the pain. 

Effects of Purple Thai

So how would you feel after smoking this magical strain? As already mentioned, the body would experience a new boost of energy and the high THC level would act on your mind to provide superb mental stimulation. The psychedelic strain is great for a social environment where you wish to open up and show your extroverted side to people. 

The smokers have told how their conversations spiral into something interesting after smoking a joint of Purple Thai. It explodes like a geyser in your mind and your appetite, depression, and stress take a backseat. For those who need to participate in some creative endeavor, smoking Purple Thai before the event would not be a good choice, as you might experience creativity but not be able to handle the ‘high’ and psychoactivity that accompanies the creativity boost. This is why we suggest taking it in scenarios when you don’t need to do any other task and solely enjoy the magical world of Purple Thai.

Things to take care of

As already mentioned, the low CBD content and high THC content make it a no-no for a beginner. The psychoactivity associated with the strain makes the smoker prone to distraction. You may also suffer from bouts of hunger and thirst, so keeping provisions of food and water would be a good idea. The beginners should smoke a strain with low THC content and slowly rise to smoke a THC heavy strain such as Purple Thai. 

Where to buy authentic Purple Thai?

There are several stores online that deal in cannabis strains. We suggest dealing with only professionals as smoking impure or unauthentic cannabis can be harmful to your health. Now if you wish to buy the best quality Purple Thai, browse our store Gelato Seeds

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