Frequently asked questions

Are your seeds feminized?

Yes, every seed on the website is feminized. We have photoperiod and autoflower seeds. Autoflower seed strains will have Auto next to strain name.

How long does it take to get my seeds?

USPS Priority: 2-4 business days. We are on the West Coast. It will take appx. 3-4 biz days to get to East Coast. and 2-3 days most every where else. We process orders same day or next day.

Where do your seeds come from?

We source and white label from a powerful network of some of the largest and longest operating professional World class distributors, breeders, and seed banks. Any seeds from Cookies Seed Bank, Blimburn Seeds, Elev8 Seeds, Ripper Seeds, Barneys Farm or Humboldt Seed Organization, will be in their proprietary original packaging; all other seeds will come in Gelato Seeds packaging.

How often do you restock when you're out of stock?

Typically, one week.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is currently FREE for any order. You will receive your order in approximately 2-4 business days nationwide.

What are the quality of your seeds?

Our seeds are the very same seeds you get from the worlds largest seedbanks. We white label and use a network of viable, well-known distributors, breeders, and seedbanks. All of our seeds have been through a vetting process in which they are tested and filtered through a proprietary system in which only good seeds are chosen using weight, shape, vacuum, and by eye and hand. All seeds have tested in regulated laboratories and are free of disease. We are an affiliate & buy them at discount & white label them. We ship from Los Angeles so you will get them much faster and reliably.

Do you offer free seeds?

Sometimes we will randomly add free seed(s) to orders. We're trying to keep the prices down, hope you understand. However, if one purchases $100 or more of seeds before tax, feel free to request 2 free seeds of one strain in the comment section when checking out. If one purchases $200 or more, feel free to request 4 free seeds of one strain in the comment section when checking out. We cannot combine free seeds and a discount coupon. It's one or the other please. **Elev8 Seeds strains are excluded from discount or freebies.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card/debit card: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Your bank statement will show "WAAVE Pay" or "WAAVE technologies" as the descriptor.   Your order will ship within 24 hours of order completion. We do not ship to Kentucky or Kansas if you pay by credit card/debit card. Echecks: enter your personal account routing and account number to complete order (no savings accounts please)-we will ship your order in 8 business days to ensure funds have fully settled. Cash: please mail cash once order is placed.  We do not accept checks, money orders, Western Union, or MoneyGram.... just cash, make sure it is not visible through envelope and make sure to put the order# in the envelope. We will ship within 24 hrs of receiving your cash payment. Please send cash to Gelato Souvenirs 1812 W Burbank Blvd #7100 Burbank CA 91506. Payment details/how to pay will be in your e-mailed order confirmation from [email protected] after completing your order. Crypto: complete your order and we will send you a link to pay within 24 hours of order, once payment received we will ship your order.

Do you ship outside of United States?

No, not at this time. We only ship to the 50 United States as well as Puerto Rico. 

Do you ship to every State in the US?

Yes we do, except for credit card purchases we do not ship to Kentucky or Kansas.

Do you have a discount code I can use?

Sure. We'd like to thank you for reading these frequently asked questions. So, take a 10% discount. Use discount code: 10 We cannot combine discounts with free seeds; one or the other please. You will be able to apply coupon at checkout. Hint: don't forget to checkout our coupon page-see footer.

What is your legal interpretation of selling / distributing seeds in the US?

Cannabis seeds are wholly innocuous and considered souvenirs until planted. Meaning cannabis seeds pose no threat whatsoever in their current form. Your County or State may have regulations on planting them or how many you may plant. It is your responsibility to check your local laws. 

I do not see my order confirmation or tracking confirmation emails. Did you send them?

Yes, the email will come from [email protected]. If you do not see the email(s) please check your spam folder or you can email us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to email them to you.

Do you offer discreet shipping?

Yes we do. Outside of package is normal mailer; there is nothing on package that identifies or relates to cannabis. If you'd like super stealth packaging, no labels on the souvenir packs or container, please request thats what you want in the comments section on this site (last step before checking out). 

What generational genetics are being used; are they F1, F2, S1, etc.? 

Approximately 90% of our strains are F1 and 10% are S1.

How come you don't have potency, flowering times, or terpene profiles?

In order to stay compliant with our processor we are not allowed to show them on the site. We do have a spreadsheet with all of the educational genetic information; please email your request to [email protected] and we will send you the strain cheat sheet spreadsheet.

Do you sell wholesale seeds?

Yes we do. If you are seriously interested in ordering seeds by the 100's. Please contact us and we'll make you a deal.