Limoncello Strain Hemp Seed Review

While the internet is filled to the brim with information about Marijuana, there’s a dearth of articles reviewing the different marijuana strains available. A person is left to fend for themselves in case they wish to grow any strain on their own, due to the lack of information. 

This is why ahead, we’ve reviewed one of the most famous ‘Limoncello strain’. We’ve tried to make the piece comprehensive by covering constituents such as fragrance, effects, THC levels, and so on. So let’s get started!

All about Limoncello Strain

There are different strains of marijuana and cannabis available in the market. Some are good for a mellow experience whereas others, for a hardcore showdown. Limoncello comes in the former category (more on this later). 

So what is it made of? At Gelato Seeds, we provide this strain in a 70-30 combination, wherein 7 parts are made of Sativa and 3 parts, Indica. It is made by crossing Lemonade which is a Sativa-dominant and Cherry Pie which is an Indica leaning fruity strain. Both strains combine their characteristics in Limoncello, giving it a unique identity altogether. 

It is because of its heart-winning characteristics that it was endowed with the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in both 2008 and 2009. 


Growing the Limoncello Strain

Growing this strain would surely be a fulfilling experience. As per experts and farmers, this strain demands a moderate level of effort from the planter. So be ready to shed some sweat while anticipating a beautiful crop. Its seeds are difficult to find, however, at Gelato Seeds, we’ve kept a steady supply for the enthusiasts. Ahead, we’ve stated things to keep in mind during flowering and while growing it outdoors and indoors. 

  • Indoors

These plants resemble Christmas trees when they mature, meaning they’ll occupy a considerable space if you plan to plant them indoors. In any case, if you do so, make sure to prune them regularly for avoiding cramping of available space indoors. You can expect at least one ounce of yield indoors. 

  • Outdoors

The best place to grow them is therefore outdoors or greenhouses as they create an ideal environment and plenty of space for all sorts of plants. There are several types of constituents such as buds, resin, pistils that are worth a treat and provide a beautiful sight. The outdoors yield is much more than an ounce that one gets while raising Limoncello indoors. 

  • Flowering

These strain seeds have a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks and generally provide a decent yield provided there’s an ideal environment and no space crunch. 

Features and Characteristics of Limoncello Strain

To make you holistically aware of this strain, we’ve divided this part into various sub-parts such as THC level, fragrance, and so on. Hope it will solve your queries!

  • Effects

Those who are regular users of this strain say Limoncello is best for unwinding after a long and stressful day of work in the office. Not because it makes you sleepy, but because it energizes and provides a boost of liveliness. Soon after taking it, the head feels a buzz that radiates to the entire body and provides a sense of satisfaction. People are known to smile, giggle and laugh in pleasure due to the euphoric experience they undergo. 

So overall, the effects of this strain could be categorized as mellow and one providing a smooth sense of relief. Therefore if you are a beginner or want to have your first experience, we suggest opting for this strain. 

  • Fragrance

Yes, it gives a citrus or lemon scent when first smelled. People have described the experience as being floral where they felt they were transported to a lush flower plantation. 

However, don’t expect the fragrance to last after you light up the marijuana buds. This is because it would give a pungent smell that keeps getting more and more skunky as you begin smoking it. As a regular marijuana smoker, it might not be something new to you. However, if you are a beginner, we’ve warned you!

  • Flavors

Just like its smell, the flavor also reeks of lemon and citrus. However, there are considerable pleasant surprises unearthed as you begin smoking. A cherry flavor combines with the lemon undertone, providing a wholesome experience to the user. We can assure you that you’d feel more fresh and energetic after smoking it than how you felt before.

  • THC level

It’s important to know what THC is. It is a chemical compound found in marijuana. Simply stating, it is the chemical that makes you high. The other chemical component found in cannabis and marijuana plants is CBD. As opposed to THC, CBD isn’t an intoxicating compound and merely responsible for providing relief to the user. 

The Limoncello strain contains around 14-18% THC normally however at Gelato Seeds we provide the variant with 21% THC concentration to provide the best high as well as a psychedelic experience. 

  • Adverse reaction

The users should be aware of the adverse reactions that take place while using this strain. This would help in better preparation and enjoying the experience holistically. The most common adverse reactions users face are anxiety, sleeplessness, hunger pangs, thirst, dry mouth, and so on. 

So it’s advisable to keep a sufficient amount of snacks, food, and water handy with you before the experience catches you off-guard. 

  • Medical benefits

A considerable number of people have claimed that this strain helped them in dealing with anxiety, depression, and even some sort of pain. Other than that more than 50% of people register to feel relaxed, giggly, euphoric, and happy in general. 

Where to buy the best Limoncello Strain seeds?

We hope the article was helpful in spreading awareness about the strain. Now if you wish to buy the Limoncello strain seeds at an affordable price, head to our store Gelato Seeds. We are sure it would be a worthwhile experience growing this variant.

Thanks for reading; we look forward to associating with you!