Everything you Need to Know About the Popular Larry OG Strain

What is Larry OG?


Larry OG is a plant that has been creating quite a stir amongst weed lovers. A cross between SFV OG and OG Kush, Larry OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid variant. Upon consumption, it leaves you relaxed and calm. It has features that help in reducing stress as well as inducing sleep. It is easy to grow and has a wonderful taste. It is known to have a high yield.

Larry OG strain is also known as Lemon Larry OG, which belongs to the Ocean Grown (OG) family. All of these strains were created in California. Larry OG has a smooth cerebral effect and it is considered to give a pleasant experience. Owing to its taste and the diverse variety of strains it comes from, it has been given names such as Lemon Larry, Larry Skywalker, Larry OG Kush, Lemon Larry OG Kush, Larry’s Lemonade, etc.


Although it is an Indica-dominant hybrid, it offers much more than just the Indica effects. Since it is not excessively potent, it can assist in inducing sleep. Larry OG strain is also known to have given birth to popular strains like the Purple Punch, etc.

THC content


Larry OG is also known as a dankenstein strain simply because it is a cross between two dank strains. It was created for its superb taste yet has the Indica strain medical benefits. Larry OG has an average THC of 21% as opposed to the average Indica strain that has just 12% THC inside it. Some tests have also Indicated a THC as high as 24.5% for Larry OG. Despite such high THC reading, you cannot get too high by smoking this variety as it comes from the Indica strain.




Larry OG is a high-yielding strain. Considered perfect by weed-growers, this strain can grow up to 6 ounces in a one-foot square area. Following are some features of this wonderful strain-

  • It is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain

  • Growing this strain is an easy process. You do not have to put much effort while growing this plant

  • It gives a surprisingly high yield. You get what you sow; in fact, you get much more

  • This plant can be grown outdoors as well as indoors

  • It does not need high temperatures to grow

  • It has substantial relaxing effects

  • It is not considered excessively potent

  • It helps in stress relief

  • It also helps in having a sound sleep


Considering its potency, using a vaporizer is always suggested. When you use a weed pen, you can simply reuse the vaped bud to mix it with your oil. You can consume it directly or use it with some other edible stuff. It can also be used to make concentrates. However, you must exercise extreme caution while making these. There are shops that specially sell it in the concentrated form.


Since the process of concentrating is complicated and involves risk, you must reach out to stores that have the concentrated form of this strain or you just follow a step-by-step guide for making the same. Given its flavor, Larry OG makes it considered to be a good concentrate.


Its flavor


If you have a great taste for lemony flavor, then Larry OG is definitely for you. People have vouched for its great taste and they recommend consuming this strain through a flower vaporizer. Experts also advise on grinding the weed thoroughly before consumption. It has a mix of lemon, pine, and citrus- the perfect blend for an exotic taste!


What exactly does Larry OG do to you?


Well, it is known to treat headaches. Excessive consumption can also cause headaches. You must be thoroughly hydrated while consuming this strain. In case you are a patient of migraine or you often have headaches, then smoking heavy Indica strains is not advisable. Its sedating effects also help you to treat both pain and stress.


Larry OG- Medical Benefits


What makes Larry OG a popular medicinal weed plant?


Well, below are some reasons for this-

  • This plant helps in tackling an upset stomach caused by nausea

  • This strain induces hunger. Hence, it is a great choice for gatherings

  • Its hybrid effects are beneficial to get relief from pain

  • It also helps in easing mental stress

  • This strain is a great remedy for keeping physical stress in control


Larry OG Flowering Tips and Duration


Larry OG comes with a thick stem and is short and bushy. It has a good plan structure and it is perfect for indoors. The plant does not need a high temperature to grow. The complete growth process might take about 7 to 9 weeks.


Its easy maintenance and lesser growth time make it more desirable. When you buy this strain, you are sure to see it grow before you could even keep a track of time!


You now have everything you need to know about the Larry OG strain. Its effects, flavor, growth time, medical benefits, yield- all this will help you to decide upon this variety. Smokers and medicinal professionals recommend this strain for a variety of reasons. Although it is relatively less potent as compared to a few others, nonetheless, it does what you expect out of an Indica strain.


Make sure that you grow it well and enjoy the flavor when you smoke it with friends and family. Whether for recreation or its calming medical effects, the Larry OG strain is a fantastic and safe marijuana option!


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