Is Master Kush Indica or Sativa


Master Kush is a popular Indica marijuana strain that is made from two landrace strains derived from different parts of the Hindu Kush region. The Master Kush strain is also known as Grandmaster Kush, High Rise, and Purple SoCal Master Kush. The Master Kush plant is known for producing a subtle earthy and citrus smell, and you may even say there is a hint of incense. The flavor is often described as being vintage.





Master Kush can be found in two strains - Indica and Sativa, and even hybrid. Hybrid strains of Master Kush are derived from crossing Indica cannabis and Sativa together. Hybrid strains can also be used both medicinally and recreationally. Let us take a closer look at both the Indica and Sativa strains of Master Kush.





Master Kush Indica





The Indica seeds are a different strain of cannabis that is believed to offer physical relaxation effects on the body. This makes Master Kush India a perfect strain for winding down and relaxing in the evening. You can use it just before going to bed or even have it to enjoy a calming evening.





The Indica plant produces broad leaves, and it is shorter in height. This is why it takes up less space wherever you grow them. The plant is best grown in cooler climates, and it has a short flowering cycle that lets you grow them easily indoors.





Indica plants are known for their small and stout structure and their sedating capabilities. Indica also relieves effects like inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. The plant is usually used for many medicinal purposes, including reducing the symptoms of several conditions and creating a relaxed state.





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Master Kush Sativa





Let us now look at Master Kush Sativa strain. The cannabis Sativa seeds come from a taller plant as compared to the Indica seeds. The Sativa plant has thin, fan-like leaves. The Sativa plant is typically used as a daytime solution when you want to feel cheerful and enthusiastic. As compared to the Indica strains that make you feel totally relaxed, Sativa lets you still go about your day and continue with your activities as it does not lull you into a deeply relaxed state.





Sativa seeds need to have a longer span of time to flower. However, if you have sufficient patience and take proper care of the plant, you will be able to grow a healthy plant that best supports your lifestyle and health. The Sativa strain also has many medicinal uses. The THC levels found in the Sativa strain help ease anxiety and relieve stress, along with alleviating other conditions and symptoms.





Regardless of whether you want to grow them in a small space or a large space, Sativa plants work equally well in outdoor gardens as well as indoors. Since the Sativa strain works so well in enhancing your senses, they are much sought after for picking up your energy and sparking inspiration.





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Keep in mind that both Indica and Sativa have many medicinal effects, along with promoting deep relaxation, spark inspiration, and make you forget your worries while the effect of Master Kush lasts. You can buy top quality 5 seeds of Master Kush for $48.