How to Grow Bruce Banner #3

Have you heard about Bruce Banner, most commonly known by his alter ego, the Hulk? We’re sure that you must have heard both the names! But why the Hulk and Bruce Banner here? Because that’s how powerful and monstrous bruce banner #3 is.

 Being a potent Sativa dominant strain, the bruce banner is the legendary creation by the Delta 9 labs, formed by a hybrid cross between OB Kush and Strawberry Diesel. With five phenotypes coming out of the original strain, #2 and #4 soon fell off the grid. Though from the remaining three, the #3 strain turned out to be the most potent. Having a percentage ratio of 60:40 of Sativa: Indica, the bruce banner strain receives distributed benefits of both the varieties.

The THC content in the strain can go as high as 29% and as low as 24-25%. It proves why it is the most powerful cannabis strain out there in the market. So if you’re feeling like growing bruce banner #3’s strain at the comfort of your home, then get some seeds from Gelato Seeds for a full-grown, healthy, and hefty plant out there.

Before diving deep into the bruce banner #3’s flavor profile, effects, smell, reactions, and much more, let’s dive deep into how to grow the strain first!

How can bruce banner #3 plants?

Bruce Banner is a moderately difficult strain to grow, which requires a lot of care, attention, and patience for the best yield by a strong and healthy plant! It can be grown both with and without soil and both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor yield can be as high as 35 ounces per plant though indoors gives fairly moderate results, with approximately 21 ounces per meter square.

When growing in soil, it is recommended you begin your feed with an above-average level of Nitrogen and CalMag, which can later be topped with phosphorus-heavy nutrients for flowering, which takes approximately 9-10 weeks and October is the ideal month for harvesting. 

But when growing outside, apply a foliar spray with some compost tea (basically an organic natural marijuana booster) to the plant’s leaves to prevent powdery mildew on the leaves.

Due to the OG Kush genetics, it remains a short and bushy plant. 

It makes it an ideal choice for both Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) methods, both used primarily for indoor planting of the strain.

SOG method is nothing but about growing a variety of small plants in a limited space to flower soon, rather than a handful of large plants. It increases the overall yield, reduces the risks of pests, diseases, and all, and produces less organic waste. LED and T5 fluorescent prove to be highly effective in converting electricity into light for the cannabis plant. While in SCROG (which is pretty similar to SOG), a screen is used to maximize the exposure of light to the plant.

To increase the plant’s budding sites, remove some of the larger fan leaves for the underlying buds to receive more energy, but don’t go overboard with it as the plants depend on sun leaves for their energy.

Tips when growing bruce banner #3 plants

  • Ensure proper air circulation
  • When growing indoors, use an air-cooled lamp for optimal temperature and humidity range. And when growing outdoors, ensure the weather is dry, and the climate is warm, around 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ensure that your area doesn’t receive any rainfall during the time of the plant’s harvest. The climate also needs to be a little humid if considering planting outside.
  • The smell of the plant is too pungent or sharp to reach your neighbors. So account for that when growing outside.

How does the strain smell and taste?

The smell of the plant is a pungent mix of diesel, due to Strawberry Diesel. But also floral, earthy, and sweet due to the OG Kush ancestor. But thank goodness that the pungent smell of it doesn’t carry forward to the taste as well. With a sweet, fruity, strawberry, earthy taste, it tastes pretty decent even with that kind of a smell.

What are some of the effects and side effects of bruce banner #3?

Note: Due to its high potency rate, it is advised not to smoke or consume it at work.

The kind of mental “high” it brings is incredible. The exhilarating cerebral high it starts with, often tones down to a more relaxing and mellow effect, followed by an immense feeling of euphoria, happiness, and a creative outburst. And that’s the reason why you experience an uplift in your mood, reduced stress, better sleep, and reduction in pain, thus proving to be a great anti-depressant.

But some of the side effects which people often encounter mainly attributes to the high level of THC. So if 29% is too much for you, don’t consume it, else you might experience dizziness, anxiety, and even mild headaches. Dry mouth and watery eyes are again some of the side effects but are also usual with other cannabis strains. 

Due to the increased anxiety level, many feel agitated as well. Their heart races fast and sometimes causes inflammation as well.

You see how this cannabis strain is kind of sweetly deadly and is for sure not for the weak-hearted.

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