Mini guide to sour tangie strain and best practices to grow sour tangie

Cannabis refers to a group of three plants, namely Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis, consisting of psychoactive properties (that is, inducing a feeling of being “high”). When the flowers of this plant are harvested and dried, you’re left with one of the most common and sensationalizing drugs in the world. Some refer to it as pot, others as weed, and even some as marijuana.

So why are we educating you about the same? It’s because we’re going to discuss Sativa-dominant weed strain, namely sour tangie strain.

What is sour tangie strain?

If you love citrus, then you are bound to love this sour tangie strain as well. It is super tangy and super tart with intense flavors and the smell of lemon and tangerine. Sour tangie is an 80% Sativa dominant and 20% Indica dominant cannabis plant. It is a merger of old-school genetics with the new ones, with being a Sativa cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie.

The plant produces small, tightly-bound petals dusted in kief across the long buds, with its flowers smelling strongly pungent mixed with the bitter citrus of lime and lemon peels. When burned, the initial flavor resembles some sour fruit’s peels, but the aftertaste is of dirt and diesel. It is the most popular along the Pacific Northwest Coast but has become an easy strain found around Denver and Colorado.

As per lab results, its potency can reach as high as 21-22% THC, and being a Sativa dominant genetics, is best suited for both morning and afternoon.

Effects and side effects of consuming sour tangie strain

Both Sour Diesel and Tangie are known for their remarkably intense effects leaving you mentally rolling. So it makes sense that their combined strain, sour tangie strain would also have similar effects if not the same.

  1. Sour tangie strain’s feeling of being high is more jubilating and relaxing, rather than either.
  1. If you’re new to cannabis or are ever trying this for the first time, then be conservative of its use as once it hits you, there’s a buzzing high that might lead inexperienced smokers to a dizzy state.
  1. On first smoking this pungent strain, you will feel an immediate rush of euphoria followed by an endless happy sensation, with the high somewhat being close to Sour Diesel. But this happiness will eventually shift into creative energy generating a desire to stand up and do something. Perfect for writing, painting, editing, etc., these effects similar to that of Tangie will finally subside into a giggling and amiable euphoria. So you see, it has kind of a mixed balance of both being high and later subdued.
  1. It can help induce relaxation, tackle depression, exhaustion, stress, and minor or chronic pain.
  1. Red eyes and cottonmouth are some of its side effects besides dry eyes.
  1. If you’re sensitive to Sativa, this strain may cause anxiety, dizziness, or even paranoia.

But if used in moderation, its effects are enjoyable and cathartic. But if used beyond limits or one’s tolerance level, then it might lead to an increased level of anxiety as well.

Note: When seeking extra focus or too much creative inspiration, it makes up for a fantastic and exhilarating smoke!

How to grow your sour tangie the right way?

With such a robust lineage in place, Sour Tangie grows to up to 10 feet tall, and that too unexpectedly quickly. So topping it early or tethering it to the trellis or even tying it to itself is needed, except that it takes about nine to ten weeks to flower.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

When growing outdoors, you might need to be extra careful and cautious of its growth as not only it grows fast to be noticed by your neighbors, but also a pungent smell to attract them. Also, you might not be able to feed it the right nutrients if planted outside. Also, more sunlight means more leaves and more actual growth but reduced produced efficiency in producing buds, which makes up for the strain!

So when growing indoors, account for its height, pungent tangy smell, and a lot of work to be done if you’re new to it. But all the hard work pays off after you hold a bountiful harvest of about 16-20 ounces per meter in your hands after almost two months. Grow the plant indoors with appropriate humidity, ambient temperature, and nitrogen-rich feeding at regular intervals for best results.

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You can also employ veganic cultivation for the growth of the plant. This process eliminates nutrients derived from animal by-products. Instead, allows the cannabis plant to feed itself from the soil naturally and produce tastier and more buds.

With so many people consuming sour tangie strain more often these days, their experiences of being much more relaxed on the brain and body than Tangie’s shows that this strain is the perfect concoction of Sour Diesel, and Tangie.

The sour, citrus, sharp, and tangy smell of the strain from Tangie coupled with the diesel-like aftertaste from Sour Diesel, makes it one of the best smelling cannabis-based strains in the world. When smoking the bud, the earthiness from one of its ancestors is quite evident in its smell.

As for the taste, the tangie strain is infamous for its insanely crazy mouth-watering flavor. Slightly less sweet than its smell and pretty stark orange flavor like Tang, the overall flavor is pretty welcoming.

Final thoughts

Well, because it originates from two very well-known strains, you can expect it to be a profoundly effective strain as well. With a complex flavor profile and mixed effects, you can give it a shot only if you are comfortable with a high percentage of THC.

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