Guava Kush Strain

Guava Kush Strain 

The origins of the freshly developed Guava Kush strain, also known as Guava Kush, are shrouded in mystery. This is due to the fact that there are no official records of where this strain was created. This is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain that promises a moderate-high. However, with a THC level of approximately 22%, it may only be appropriate for seasoned cannabis users. Those unfamiliar with cannabis may find the high THC level overwhelming. Considering its effects, this cannabis should be used only when a pick-me-up is desperately required. In 2014, Guava Kush, the hybrid strain, competed at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.


Guava has a strong, tropical aroma that is well-known. Bisabolol, Carene, Ocimene, and Phellandrene are terpenes found in them that contribute to their floral and fruity aroma and flavor. Inhaling the smoke from the buds can be a bit harsh on the throat, according to users. If this is your first time smoking weed, you can experience a little coughing. The Sativa-dominant hybrid is widely revered for the positive, energizing effects it produces in its users. Its aroma and flavor are just like its name, tropical and sweet. When it's time to harvest, the many trichomes on its buds make them look mossy green, while the few bright orange pistils are barely visible.


Taking a hit from this bud will cause a pleasant tingling and buzzing sensation to travel through your body, along with a sense of calm and relaxation. In addition to the calming effects on the body, users often report a unique, mild mental high that might spark new ideas. Along with relieving physical discomfort, Guava Kush will inspire you to express yourself in any way that seems right. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety might benefit greatly from the stress relief and improved mood brought on by this mood enhancer. Arthritis and migraine sufferers, for example, might benefit greatly from their ability to reduce physical tension and stress. Although it is a great overall mood enhancer, the Guava Kush strain can have adverse effects at high dosages. Users have reported negative side effects like a cotton mouth, dry eyes, and even psychosis at higher doses.


A common perception of cannabis is that it rapidly induces euphoria, exuberance, and liveliness in its consumers. With just a few drags of Guava, you can put your cares aside and get down to business. It's a powerful mood enhancer that can be used whenever you need it.  However, unwanted consequences such as a racing heart and excessive worry are possible. These drawbacks aside, Guava is effective in treating ADHD, PTSD, and stress in some clinical settings.


The guava kush plant may be grown from a relatively little amount of seeds and does not need a lot of room to flourish. When fully ripe, it can be harvested after 60-67 days. Sometimes one nug of these gorgeous flowers will have several different shades of green. This blossom is visually appealing because of its range of green tones, which includes olive, forest, and kelly. While very little information is available regarding the strain's appearance, we do know that the flower has a tropical and strong aroma reminiscent of a cross between tropical fruits, citrus, and gasoline.


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