Facts and tips for growing the best harvest of Candy cane autoflowers

The candy cane autoflower is today preferred by many plant growers and seed enthusiasts for its planter-favoring characteristics. Popularly referred to as one of the sweetest tasting auto-flowering strains, it is easy to grow, yields effective results and presents an exotic strain option.

A relatively strong strain, the candy cane autoflower has a rich flavor, taste, and smell. From a growth perspective particularly, these are factors that most people interested in growing a highly valuable (for customers) produce to look out for.

In addition, the smoke from candy cane autoflower hemp seeds is associated with an exotic sweet-smelling taste. Preferred for its rather fruity and sour aromas, the candy cane autoflower is appreciated for its euphoric effect. In addition, this creates a long-lasting and impactful effect.

Some interesting facts about the candy cane autoflower seeds:

  1.  Fruity Mango and White Widow are crossed to create this new strain.
  2. It is a delicious strain with domination Indica genetics.
  3. It is characterized by automatic flowering.
  4. It is a plant with a strong structure and long branches. 
  5. It is easy to grow this strain with a flowering period of only 7 weeks. 
  6. Moderate yields of about 100 to 200 gr which depends on the growing environment.
  7. THC level can usually extend up to 17.81%. This can consist of a CBD of 0.01% and a CBN of 0.40%.
  8.  It is indica-dominant at 60% indica, with 30% sativa and 10% ruderalis.

Why is candy cane autoflower so much in demand?

  • As mentioned above, the candy cane autoflower is gaining immense popularity for its unique taste, smell, and flavor.

  • The euphoria associated with its intake is considered sophisticated yet dreamy.

  • Smokers prefer it over other options for its long-lasting body buzz.

  • It is a highly potent type of seed with a high THC (as mentioned before).

  • They are known to have great mold, pest, and insect resistance.

The rising demands for candy cane autoflower hemp seeds have been gradually followed by more planters wanting to grow their harvest, or shift to it from their previously grown alternatives. 

However, creating the right type of environment and conditions to efficiently harvest the candy cane autoflower hemp seeds is of utmost importance. Harvesting at the right time can reap a great many benefits.


TIPS to yield the maximum harvest

Growing autoflowers can be done indoors as well as outdoors. Factors that need to be considered for an indoor growth operation include the design of the grows room, ventilation, lights, temperature, etc. depending on your intended produce, you must decide the location of growth. Other factors such as the amount of watering must also be carefully assessed.

Before we go on to understand what these factors are, it is better if you first choose between an indoor or an outdoor growth operation.

Pros and Cons of indoor and outdoor growth setups:

Indoor growth 

  1. Easy growing processes in mini cabinets
  2. No need to alter the light cycles
  3. The process is also possible in the vegging room alongside other plants 
  4. Harvest is attainable every two months from the candy cane autoflower hemp seeds.

Outdoor growth 

  1. Gives the grower the option of multiple harvests in one season
  2. The plants are pests and mold resisted 
  3. Highly resistant to temperatures (provided they do not go below 10 degrees Celsius.

5 factors to consider while growing your next candy cane autoflower harvest: 

  1. Lights

Adequate harvest of candy cane autoflower requires appropriate lighting as well. Several lighting options include LED lights, compact fluorescents, T5, High-pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamps, etc. You must choose a particular light considering its light spectrum and intensity. In addition, its heat-generating capacity is also to be noted. 

  1. Ventilation

An important factor that must be taken care of while you are aiming at a higher yield of candy cane autoflower harvest. Air is a must, and its circulation is critical. It is often considered a rule of thumb to go for a fan with the capacity of getting the air out of the room in a minute. Consider carefully the size, sound, and air moving capacity. Also, there must be arrangements for managing the light leaks and odor control. 

  1. Temperature

The candy cane autoflowers are adapted for growth under certain environmental conditions. Temperatures between 24 C to 30 C are best for their suitable growth. The plants are known for high-temperature resistance, which saves them in the cold springs and autumns. However, the temperatures must not be below 10 C. In such cases, lower yields are reported by most planters. Using exhaust fans is a great solution, in addition to altering the light sources. 

  1. Light schedule

The greatest feature about candy cane autoflowers is the fact that they can easily grow under any light cycle. They are suitable for an all-time light shining scenario, as well as a dark period. More particularly, they are suitable for 24/0, 18/6, or 20/4 light schedules. 

  1. Pot-sizes

    Your entire growth process can go wrong if you do not select the appropriate pot size. Using small pots can decrease the harvest while using unnecessarily bigger pots can cause appropriations in the growth medium. We suggest there is absolutely no need to pot small plants in larger pots of about 10 liters which can be ready in less than 2 months. On the other hand, the SUPER autoflowers are best suited to a 10-gallon pot. 

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