How to Grow Mac 1 Strain

Thanks to growing acceptance of marijuana through legalizations, the industry is booming and constantly innovating to provide the best customer experience. Growers are now experimenting with different stains, cross-breeding them to produce a variety of products to choose from. 

On the flip side, there are so many hybrids in the market to choose from, selection can get very tough. Especially to find out which one is your money’s worth. 

One such strain is M.A.C 1. After first entering the market, it sent waves of its popularity across California, Michigan, Colorado and beyond. So exquisite is M.A.C 1, that only a few cultivators can grow it. 

Why Should You Choose a Hybrid?

To understand why Hybrid is a better option, we need to understand what the different types are available in the market.

There are mainly three types - Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. These three types give different effects and are meant for different purposes. It is important to note here that it is usually a broad generalization of the intended effects, the same type can produce different results among different people. 

Let’s get into what they are. 

  1. Indica

Indica strains help you to calm and relax your body and mind. It can help you overcome different kinds of mental stress, and is specially suggested for people who are suffering from insomnia. 

As an effect, it produces intense bouts of hunger, also known as ‘munchies’. Also as a convention, people usually take Indica on weekends to unwind from all the week’s stress.

  1. Sativa

If you don’t want to end up being a couch potato after smoking, sativa is the one for you.

Sativa helps you energize, is stimulating and invigorating. It produces feelings of happiness and euphoria, helps you to socialize better, focus on your work and helps you with your creative faculties. 

Because of such effects, it is the perfect weed for daytime consumption. 

  1. Hybrid 

Hybrid is essentially best of both worlds - combines the best of indica and sativa. Hybrid will help you rejuvenate without having to worry about getting hyper tendencies. And, it will help you relax without making you a complete sloth.

Hybrids usually have different percentages of sativa and indica, and are usually dominated by one of the two. Although, you can find hybrids with 50-50 balance as well.

Interestingly, almost all the varieties of strains you found in the market are hybrids.

What is M.A.C 1?

M.A.C 1 stands for Miracle Alien Cookies, unofficially also known as Miracle Cookies. It is produced by crossing Columbian and Starfighter strains, combined with Alien Cookies. 

Fun fact - the seeds of M.A.C 1 are very hard to find. This is because genetics of this strain is considered to be valuable and cultivators make sure that it remains a trade secret, not accessible to others. The plants need a lot of intensive tending and are slow growing.

One reason why it is so valuable is because it is a perfect blend between sativa and indica, maintaining a 50-50 balance. Because of this intricate balance, it is also hard to replicate which in turn drives its value. 

Regular users have said that it gives you the euphoria found in sativa, mixed with relaxness that is associated with indica usage. It is worth mentioning here that different people have experienced different things from M.A.C 1, so it totally depends upon the person.

M.A.C 1 Details

M.A.C 1 stain is quickly becoming one of the most popular options available in the market. A lot of user reviews have mentioned how the Mac 1 strain helps people get both relaxed and happy. On top of that, it has very few negative aspects. 

Negative aspects include dry mouth and eyes, which are usually the effects of every type of stain. Due to its effects, it can be used easily day-to-day.


Growers and cultivators of M.A.C1 stain have constantly praised its outward appearance. The stain is covered in dense calyxes, as well as cone and football shaped buds that grow into gorgeous tips. 

The buds are dark olive in color with thin orange hairs and purple undertones, rich and fluffy. The trichomes that are present look so rich that you will barely notice the orange and purple colors present inside.

On the whole it looks so good that you might end up putting it up in the showcase rather than smoking it!

Flavor and Smell

M.A.C1’s flavor and smell can be defined as strong, equivalent to Alien Cookies or Colombian strain. The major terpene in the strain is called limonene, which is found in fruits such as oranges, lemon and limes. It also includes terpenes such as pinene (present in pine trees) and caryophyllene which bring a spicy aroma.

These unique terpenes give it an outstanding aroma and taste, in the form of a funky aroma with a smooth orange flavor. 

Growing M.A.C1 Stain

Before getting into how to grow, there’s an important disclaimer you should know. 

Growing any stain requires access to good seeds, which in the case of mac 1 strain is quite hard to find. The seeds are proprietary and as a result only a bunch of people can grow this plant. 

The job of growing the stain is equally tough. It is very temperamental in nature and requires constant care. Especially you need to keep the plant vegged until it reaches 12 inches in height. 

The plant grows to a very good height, so make sure you have a good amount of space to accommodate the full height. If such an option is not available, you can make use of the sea of green method that overcomes the need for big space. 


So finally we come to an end. In this article we talked about everything you need to know about the superb MAC 1 strain. 

If you are looking to buy it online and experience the amazingness of the MAC 1 stain, you can get it here