Grape pie strain: True Rejoicing Strain for Fruit Fans

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is yet another popular strain getting attention by marijuana and hemp lovers. Grape pie strain is best characterized by its fruity, and intense but delicious and spicy smell and taste. Grape pie strain is the cross product of the famous Cherry Pie and Gage Green’s Grape Stomper. It has a Sativa: Indica ratio of 30:70 with a decent THC level between 20% and 22%, sitting at an average of almost 18% actually at its lowest, though the CBD percentage is as low as 0.08%. 

Due to such a moderate percentage of THC, the grape pie strain is for sure meant to give you a feeling of being “high” due to its psychoactive nature. But it also has a lot more medical and emotional effects associated with it that we will cover ahead.

Effects of grape pie strain

  • The strain's effects are pretty visible and clear to feel as it hits just after a few minutes when you first consume it. It feels as if the worldly euphoria has hit the person from all directions, which eventually settles down to a more relaxing and blissful feeling. All thanks to the high level of THC and low level of CBD, that the euphoria doesn’t take too long and isn’t too hard-hitting as well.

  • A tingling sensation hits the body at the beginning, which leads to a feeling of being active, creative, and thus, not feeling sleepy. So if you wish to complete that favorite rom-com movie or intense series the whole night, grab some snacks, drinks and have some of this strain!

Flavor, smell, and taste of grape pie strain

  • The taste and smell of the pie strain are such that you’ll be forced to take it again. The baby has a rich fruity, berry, pie-like flavor with a nutty exhale, that attributes a bit spicy taste to it. The earthy and nutty flavor helps in balancing out the almost candy-like flavor.

  • The aroma of the grape pie hash is that of those rustic and earthy herbs and fruity berries, with a sweet, sugary, and spicy undertone to it, lingering for quite a bit longer even after the nugs are burned away, and other scents have faded away!

  • The fruity berry aroma comes from its parent strain, Cherry Pie, while the earthy herb sugary grape aroma is from its other parent strain, Grape Stomper.

Grow grape pie weed with ease

  • If you get your hands on some quality grape pie seeds, then it is relatively simple and easy to grow, requiring the climatic conditions remain stable.

  • Indoor conditions guarantee good growth, while for an outdoor environment, ensure that the temperature is not below 45 degrees Fahrenheit in your area. The more light each budget, the more dense and the larger the tree will be during harvesting.
  • Due to its Indica lineage, it grows out to be a bushy plant. If you can maintain constant low humidity levels, expect stellar growth!

How does grape pie strain flowers?

  • As mentioned already, it’s ideal to grow it inside due to controlled temperature and humidity conditions. It also doesn’t grow to be too long to become unmanageable. It grows to a medium-tall height yielding 10-12 ounces per square meter in about 9-10 weeks. While outdoors, it can yield between 12-16 ounces per square meter by early to mid-October.

  • The produce of the harvesting is frosty, forest-green nuts with a sticky layer of trichomes, orange pistils, and fox tailing calyxes. Certain hues of violet can also be seen all around the buds. The bud has small and rounded dark olive nugs around.

Any adverse reactions to grape pie strain?

  • Not many severe reactions have been reported by its consumers, except for the general ones which are experienced with every hash, namely dry eyes, and dry mouth.

  • Inexperienced users might find it overwhelming for their taste if taken in excess. So, take it easy and small for a pleasant experience and not face dizziness and anxiety.

Medical benefits of grape pie strain

  • CBD and THC-based strains have inherent medical advantages associated with them. Chronic anxiety, stress, chronic pain, mood swings, and depression are some of the medical conditions that can be well-treated with grape pie strain.

  • Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties which when combined, help to get rid of pain, stress, and anxiety. It is also increasingly becoming popular to help with cancer and injury pain since it can reduce inflammation.

Note: It helps stay away from mental issues by disrupting uneasy thoughts and giving the person reason or drift to think about something else.

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Special and distinct qualities of grape pie strain

  • Due to its mild aroma and taste, one can’t forget it any time soon after consuming it. Also, the look of the buds is pretty different from what one usually sees or expects, and the buds are also more colorful than one can expect or believe.

  • Also, you know that it can be used as edibles as well. Due to its grape-like taste and pleasant odor, grape pie when mixed with anything makes up for delicious edibles within minutes.

Note: As grape pie strain has psychoactive properties due to THC, consult your doctor first before consuming it. Do consider any medical health conditions you have or any medicines you’re on to. You surely don’t want to let THC intervene with any active ingredient(s) of your other medicine(s).

And this ends our extensive yet pretty decently informative guide to the grape pie strain. If you also want to feel euphoric while still feeling high and at ease, then grape pie strain is your thing. Get yourself some seeds of the same from Gelato Seeds here and see it flower at your place.