Knowing Garlic Cookies Strain in detail: Flowering time and characteristics

Genetically modified substances rarely get any recognition in the natural world of cannabis. Most commonly, we see a reluctance towards these as opposed to medical and recreational marijuana. 

One might feel that these GMO cookies strain (where GMO stands for “Garlic Mushroom and Onions”) can therefore face a lot of trouble when it comes to worldwide acceptance. However, the interesting point to note - as opposed to what their name suggests - is that they are not an actual result of GMO processes at all! 

Well, that is really the reason why this cannabis strain is popularly termed as ‘Garlic Cookies’. In fact, they are well appreciated for their herbal aroma, calming effects, and stress-relieving properties. 

What happens when you strain garlic cookies? 

The most common effects are listed below: 

1. Euphoria
2. Stone high (that lasts for hours) 
3. Immediate relaxation
4. Extreme happy state of mind
5. Mood upliftment
6. Sleepy (towards end) 
7. Mind free from negative thoughts 
8. Deep slumber 

This weed strain is commonly used for nighttime due to its indica type properties. People who seek immediate relaxation are found to prefer its intake.

In addition, due to its long-lasting relaxation effects, it is also sought-after for seeking temporary relief from the following: 

  • Insomnia, or lack of sleep 

  • Fatigue or lethargy 

  • Loss of appetite or unexplained dietary changes 

  • Anxiety and stress 

  • Depression

  • Pains

  • Chronic inflammation 

  • Arthritis or joint pains 

However, be careful of an overdose which can cause episodes of being dizzy, too anxious, and a state of paranoia. 

Now, you might get an idea why learning more about the garlic cookies strain in detail helps one to make an informed buying choice. One must know about the strain’s flowering cycle and time of growth for enabling a healthy output. 

Let us begin our journey of seeking deeper insights into garlic cookies strain. 

Basic look of garlic cookies strain - 

The strain has flat and elongated buds. 
- It has olive green and purple hues.
- It has milky white trichomes.
- Also, there is flowing orange hair on the strain.
- It is popular for its distinctive garlic and rotting coffee fragrance.
- Flavor-wise, they possess a taste of garlic on exhale and an aftertaste of spicy flavor.
- Further, they are also associated with a floral palette (on exhaling) by many. 
- Their dominant terpene is caryophyllene.
- They have a spicy yet herbal flavor.
- They are best known for their anti-inflammatory effects.
- It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. 

To move forward, it is important to understand the unique characteristics of this seed/mature plant. 

- The strain showcases features of indica, while the buds look like sativa. 

- Garlic cookies strain is a heavy-indica type which makes it compatible with topping and regular pruning of large fan leaves. 

Indoor versions of the garlic cookies are capable of producing almost 1.5 ounces per square foot of plant. 

- Outdoor versions can produce about 2 ounces per square foot of plant.

- Average THC levels of garlic cookies is  about 22-24% and can go up to 30% THC as well.

- They have a CBD rate of below 1% (estimate).

- Their limonene terpene results in their citrus smell. 

- It helps people in getting relief from their stress and anxiety issues. 

- People often associate a ‘giggly’, ‘tingly’ feeling with its intake. 

- Associated with a heightened sensory perception in people.  

It is found to be extremely rich in Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene.

Garlic Cookies strain flowering time

GMO cookies are characterized with a flowering time of about 10 weeks.
As compared to most indicas, the flowering period for garlic cookies can generally extend further. This makes them look more like a sativa. 

It is best to harvest GMO cookies when the trichomes are milky white in color. Before that their color is more clear, representing immature trichomes. When they become more amber, the trichomes move towards the maturity stage. However, this also lowers (although slightly) the THC content of the strain.

Concerning their average yields, it ranges from about 14 to 18 ounces per square meter. That is immense! The plant growth is also thick. 

If they are grown indoors, they generally reach up to a medium height, in addition, they have dense buds and are resin-filled. As opposed to this, when they are grown outdoors, they require great warmth and sun. The best time to expect a good harvest comes in mid-October.

It is an ‘always on demand’ kush for its great properties (especially flavor and aroma) that make the growers highly inclined towards ensuring the best of the factors for its easy growth. 

What is best advised: 

As is targeted by most expert growers of garlic cookies strain, the perfect combination of milky white and amber trichomes as mentioned above is sought after. This represents good body-high and THC. 

In addition, it is found out that better growing conditions result in better harvest punctuality. Favorable curing/storing procedures also result in a higher yield of THC garlic cookies. 

Where to find quality seeds/mature plant - GELATO SEEDS 

No doubt, finding verified growing stock of garlic cookies can be a tough task. This is because these seeds or clones are not widely available and there are several illegitimate market players out there. Therefore, laying your hands on verified brands for this popular pungent bud is a must. 

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