The Ultimate Germination Guide for Auto-Flowering seeds

Cannabis cultivation has been revolutionized by the development of auto-flowering seeds. Owing to the convenience they provide, they have gained the attention of Health and Marijuana enthusiasts worldwide. 

One can cultivate a cannabis plant outdoor or even indoor using these seeds as they come with a convenient germinating process. This article provides you with a complete germination guide and growth-related information about auto-flowering cannabis seeds. 

But first, let's know what auto-flowering seeds are. We’ll also talk about their benefits and uses. So let’s dive right in.

What are auto-flowering seeds?

Auto-flowering seeds are cannabis seeds that undergo normal germination and begin to flower when the plant attains a certain phase of development. They are produced naturally by the cannabis plant and hence provide a better yield of quality cannabis. 

  • These can be harvested in 10 weeks of germination and in the course of normal summer, they can produce 2 or more harvests. 
  • The plants produced by these seeds reach the flowering stage from vegetative stage normally and automatically, contradicting the photoperiod flowering. This is beneficial as in photoperiod flowering, the plant has to depend on the ratio of duration of light and dark period for its growth. The plant must be exposed to 18 to 24 hours of light period in vegetative stage to allegedly convert to the flowering stage. 
  • Once it attains flowering stage, the light period must be reduced to 12 hours followed by 12 hours of dark period. It is a tedious process and can't be performed by a beginner or first-timer.
  • Unlike feminized flowering (eliminating male chromosomes to produce only female plants), auto-flowering seeds can also produce male plants.

How to germinate auto-flowering seeds?

Now, for better growth, one must make sure these seeds germinate properly. Germination is a crucial step in the life of a plant. We'll provide you the best way of germination; you can apply your seeds for outstanding growth. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1:Submerge your seeds in water

  • This method is one of the most effective ways for the germination of auto-flowering seeds, especially for older seeds and seeds with harder shells. This method must be performed in a dark place. Place the seeds in water contained in a glass. Soak the seeds for 32 to 72 hours. Wait until you see radicles coming out of seeds. You'll see a tail pop-out from the seed and this tail is radicle.

Step 2:Plant seeds in soil

  • After you see radicles coming out, make a hole in the soil with the help of a pen and bury the seeds about half a cm down into soil. Cover the seeds with soil. Don’t cover seeds using much pressure, do it gently.

Step 3:Add light

  • After you see your plant coming out of soil, provide them with suitable amount of light. We suggest using 36 Watt CFL tubes for this purpose. Place them at a height of 2 inches from the plant.

 Step 4:Keep soil moist

  • The soil will dry out after or during the exposure of continuous light. This can be prevented by keeping the soil moist with the help of plant sprayer. Spray it on soil two times a day between time intervals of about 10-12 hours.

 Step 5:Move the plant to a bigger pot

  • You'll see your plant growing after 2 to 3 weeks of exposure to light. The roots will start coming out of your tiny pot and this will indicate, the time has come to shift it to a bigger pot. Carefully place your plant to a bigger pot so it can grow properly

Step 6:Your seeds are ready

  • The plants will now require a bigger space than a pot. This is the time; you shift it to its final growing space. This must be done once your plant measure 8-12 inches. You can either place it outside or keep it growing inside under LED lights.

Advantages of growing auto-flowering seeds:

Faster life cycle:

  • This is the best thing about auto-flowering cannabis seeds. They complete their life cycle in about 8-10 weeks after germination of seeds. They exhibit a brief vegetative stage and a faster flowering stage. You don’t have to wait for more than 4 months to enjoy the buds as in case of photoperiod flowering.
  • Products such as Wedding cake auto, Gelato OG auto, and Candy cane auto can be harvested in less than 8 weeks after germination.

Lesser height:

  • You’ll love the size factor as it makes plants easy to control especially in case of indoor cultivation. The plants don’t exceed 1.2 meters in height which make them easier to maintain and suitable for growers who wish stealth growing. Thanks to their shorter height, they can be grown in balconies, gardens, and even in cupboards.

For Medicinal purpose:

  • Some auto-flowering seeds contain a relatively higher amount of CBD (Cannabidiol) and a lesser amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is known for its psychoactive properties. Some people grow auto-flowering seeds for health benefits as they contain a good quantity of CBD. CBD is effective against epilepsy, anxiety and depression. Their skincare properties have gained the attention of many as they fight against acne, wrinkles, aging, and dry skin.
  • We suggest you, NYC Diesel Auto as it contains CBD quantity as high as 75% and THC quantity less than 15%. Also, its yield is 250 gm and can be harvested in 7 weeks from germination.

More THC content:

  • Some seeds also contain a good quantity of THC. THC comes with psychoactive properties which will make you euphoric. You can enjoy precious buds of the plants of auto-flowering seeds as they come with more than 20% THC content. 
  • Glookies Auto is the best choice if you seek high THC content. It contains more than 25% THC. 

Parting Notes

We hope you found the guide helpful. Now, if you wish to see a list of best cannabis auto-flower seeds, you can check our website. We understand you might have several queries in your mind. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email. Our supportive customer executives are happy to assist you anytime.