Purple Lemonade Strain: Everything You Need To Know

The purple lemonade strain has the most advanced genetics of purple and citrus Cali. The exquisite colors of this auto-flowering strain adds beauty to whichever garden it's grown in. The perfect mix of zesty and sweet makes it a great choice for those with a sweet tooth.

Planning to grow or consume purple lemonade strain? We have reviewed it for you. Let’s get started!

How To Grow Purple Lemonade Strain?

Purple lemonade strain grows about 3ft. (70-110 cm.) and takes around 8 to 9 weeks in its flowering process. This beautiful plant is resistant to disease and mold and can be grown both outdoors and indoors. 

Alternatively, it can also be grown in the greenhouse while taking care of odor control. It responds well when grown in soil and above average with little or no strong feeding. Purple lemonade strain is a good choice for low-stress training (LST) due to its inter-nodal spacing. 

When growing the strain, you will find multiple bud sites around the stem, contrasting with the bright green stem, the dark purple bud, and beautiful purple leaves.

It yields up to 400-500g/m2 and can even go head to head with various photoperiod plants. Two weeks is the recommended time for flushing before the harvest. Always keep the local weather conditions in mind while growing the plant. For best results, you will have to keep it warm and dry. 

Effects of Purple Lemonade Strain

The strain helps in elevating your mood and relaxing your body. With an average of 22% THC level, purple lemonade’s after-effects are relatively mild from a Sativa. This allows you to let loose, relax your body and mind, feel dreamy, or even get slightly drowsy. However, it won’t restrict you to the bed. You can plan using this strain in the daytime, provided you have enough time to recover. If you’re a beginner, this strain can be a great choice for you!

Want to get uplifted and feel content? Our Purple Lemonade certainly does the job! The Indica leaning hybrid gives body-stoned sensations. After consuming it, you’ll surely have a great time either laughing or relaxing.

How Does Purple Lemonade Strain Taste Like?

Purple lemon strain tastes more or less like a lemon, the sour and sweet kind to be precise. The amalgamation of sweet and citrusy flavors in the strain is indeed a refreshing treat for the taste buds. The aroma is as mesmerizing as its taste. 

The fragrance gets strong from the moment you find the first purple flower on the strain. Its smell only grows sour and the taste becomes more citrus with each day passing.

Medicinal Uses of Purple Lemonade Strain

The medicinal properties of the purple lemonade strain are quite impressive! It can be medically used to treat migraines, nausea, glaucoma, and anxiety.

The appearance of Purple Lemonade Strain

The purple buds of this strain are quite complex and compact. The purple clouds contrasted with stunning orange pistils look absolutely gorgeous! The sight of the growing purple lemonade strain is eye-catching. Dark green leaves, magnificent purple buds, pinkish trichomes, and bright orange pistils growing in each direction make this strain one of a kind. It probably has the most unique buds you’ve ever witnessed.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: When do the leaves of my purple lemonade strain turn purple?

Answer: The flowers of Purple Lemonade start to turn purple during the last weeks of flowering.

Question: Why have the leaves of my purple lemonade started pointing downwards?

Answer: If the leaves of your plant have become droopy, it might be due to overfeeding or overwatering. Always let the soil dry properly before watering it again. 

Question: When should we harvest the plant?

Answer: There are many things to take into consideration before harvesting. However, the standard practice recommends harvesting when the majority of trichomes become cloudy.

Question: Is there a carbon filter needed due to the strain’s smell?

Answer: Yes, the strain starts to smell from the initial phase of the flowering stage. That’s when you will need a carbon filter.

Question: Which pots should be used?

Answer: 12L pots serve the purpose pretty well. However, you can also use others in case of lack of availability.

Question: Is this strain a good choice for LST?

Answer: Purple lemonade is one of the best strains to perform LST. All credits to its amazing internodal spacing.

Question: When should I begin LST for my purple lemonade strain?

Answer: You should start LST when your purple lemonade plant has developed at least 2 to 3 pairs of leaves.

Question: What is the perfect temperature range for these plants?

Answer: The recommended temperature range is 15-25°C. Most preferably, around 20°C.

Question: How many weeks does it take to grow? When can I harvest it?

Answer: Purple lemonade strain takes about 9 to 10 weeks to grow from a seed to the harvest stage. However, it largely depends on the growing condition.

Question: Is it okay if I reuse my soil after harvesting the strain?

Answer: Yes, you may reuse the water after harvesting as long as it is bug-free.

Question: Is the growth of twins on my seedling normal?

Answer: The development of twins is normal, provided it is growing without any deficiency.

Question: Is the growth of thin leaves on my purple lemonade strain a concern? 

Answer: It depends on how thin the leaves are, as some leaves are naturally thinner than others. However, if the leaves are extremely thin and drooping down or curling upwards, it may be a problem.

Question: How many days/weeks into growing does this strain begin flowering?

Answer: It depends on the growing conditions. Although generally, the pre-flowering stage is attained after 4-5 weeks of seedling coming out of the substrate.

Question: Should I use nutrients to grow the auto flower seed? 

Answer: Using nutrients is not mandatory. However, right feeding can yield better results.

The Bottom Line 

Purple lemonade is one of the best strains out there. It is a must-try and we definitely recommend it!

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