Banana Og Strain Review

Banana OG is an Indica-prevailing mixture made by the cross of OG Kush and Banana Kush. This implies that this strain is the result of two far off cousins inside the Kush family being interbred, intended to make an intense hybrid of banana-flavor kush. 

Do you know Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has discovered Banana OG Strain samples that have THC levels ranging from 16% to 25%? 

Well, the basic nature of Banana OG, other than its mainstream taste, is its completely amazing THC substance, and accordingly its enormously incredible impacts. 

What is Banana OG Strain? 

Banana OG is normally known as "creeper," because of its propensity to gradually crawl on you after gulping it. Banana OG Strain in comparison to other powerful strains, where the impacts are perceptible very quickly, this strain would leave you feeling like nothing has happened and that your bud must be in some way or another flawed. 

Banana OG has these Kush, Haze, and Skunk hereditary qualities intermix to yield a shockingly sweet and gentle smoke. Other than its powerfully incredible taste, Banana OG offers a long-lasting yet balanced high that a person can enjoy in different situations or circumstances. 

However, this can lead to smoking significantly more and all of a sudden, realizing the fact their weed is actually powerful. And, at that point, you realize you have smoked excessively! 

Regardless of whether you have just smoked sensibly, the inevitable high will hit you hard. It will influence your mind and body all at once. Although, Banana OG Strain is usually referred to as an Indica because it has 60% content of Indica, but Banana OG’s mixture characteristics are entirely noticeable. You will realize the fact that the high is influencing apparently each and every part of your body. 

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Detailed Information about Banana OG Strain


Banana Kush & OG Kush 


Tangy, Sweet & Fruity 

THC Content 

23% to 27%


Relaxed – 10/10

Happy – 9/10

Hungry – 7/10

Euphoric – 9/10

Mood Uplifted – 6/10

Negative Reactions

Dizzy – 3/10 

Dry Mouth – 10/10 

Paranoid – 3/10 

Anxious – 2/10 

Dry Eyes – 8/10

Medical Effects 

Stress – 10/10 

Insomnia – 7/0 

Depression – 5/10 

Lack of Appetite – 5/10 

Pain – 7/10 

CBD Content


Growth Level 

Easy to Grow 

Indica/Sativa Percentage 

Indica – 70% 

Sativa – 30% 

Banana OG Appearance 

Banana OG has normally a light green appearance, with tight and thick bud improvement that is pretty commonplace of Indica assortments. 

There are some alluring, orange-flavored pistils attached with the exterior of the Banana OG bud, which gives a marginally textured appearance. Even after it is small in quality, Banana OG Strain resembles the other type of Marijuana or Cannabis in the world that lacks in different color palettes.

The blossoms of this strain are beautiful, with a significantly yellowish color tone that appears as though the setting sun on a clear day.

Nonetheless, you will always be unable to see this for yourself, except if you grow this in your own garden. Otherwise, directly buy it from our website, which has flowering time of nearly 8 to 9 weeks and yields 500g.

Banana OG Strain Effects on your Mind & Body

Banana OG is a beguiling strain, which means its effects are soft and takes enough time to sneak in. It begins with a delicate and smooth buzz on your body and then, at the back of your head. Does anybody smoke weed just to feel anxious and upset? No, right? It is exactly the polar opposite that we want after smoking weed. 

Now, as the buzz of the Banana OG Strain spreads to your head and the rest of your body parts, you will start feeling relaxed and euphoric. For the vast majority who are new to this strain, there is a desire to consume this cannabis a tiny bit more. However, as mentioned above, its effects are mellow and thus, take time to spread all over your mind and body.

Soon, this gentle buzz will offer you a feeling of complete relaxation and euphoria. Well, who doesn’t need that? However, that is not when this hybrid strain stops. It keeps on offering you a state of complete enjoyment and leisure making sure that you lay down on your bed to take some rest.

Then, your brain will start humming, of course, not that much but yeah, effects are clearly noticeable. You will start speaking a lot openly and with honesty. Some of the users have described their experience after consuming Banana OG Strain that they literally felt their body feeling weighty, which is why you don’t feel like moving an inch. 

Following two or three hours, when the impact begins to wear off, that is the point at which you unexpectedly feel hungry, and simultaneously, sleepy. 

Banana OG is an extraordinary strain that you can consume if you feel tired and overstressed, but only at day’s end of the day. 

Banana OG Strain Review

The Banana OG is a famous choice among cannabis smokers, and not a real good choice for the beginners because of its heavy strain. And keeping in mind how powerful the strain is, seasoned cannabis smokers still believe that you cannot bang it until you try. Each smoker praises how powerful the impacts of these strains are and the majority of them prescribe to hold it under three hits if you know what’s best for you! 


To conclude, Banana OG Strain is ready to give you all the highs you are looking for to relieve your stress and anxiety. If you have never smoked Banana OG, then do try it. 

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