All You Need To Know About the Dolato Strain

Dolato, also known as “Do-Si-Lato" and "Dosi-Lato” is a new strain of marijuana that has been gaining popularity among medical marijuana users. Dolato is a sweet and creamy strain made from a perfect blend of two marijuana strains – Gelato #41 and Do-Si-Do. The hybrid is the best choice for those who want their evenings to be a little longer and relaxing. It offers a sedated and zero stress high keeping the body relaxed.

Because Dolato is the cross of two popular strains of marijuana - Gelato #41 and Do-Si-Do, they have inherited the benefits of both these strains. For instance, Dolato has a good aroma with its buds having a bright olive-green colour, and it is a strain that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon or evening with it taking you to a euphoric high without dragging you into a heavy and sedative experience.

Now that we have discussed Dolato in a nutshell, let’s dive a little deeper into the details.

1. Lab reports

You must go through these reports before taking them for being that responsible stoner. An understanding of the contents gives you an idea about the effects and after-effects.

In most cases, Dolato has a THC concentration of 19% which is a decent concentration. But what sets dolato apart is its potential to reach up to a THC concentration of 25%. CBD levels in Dolato are well within the permissible level of 0.1% making it a perfect evening dope.

2. Smell

One of the many reasons for the popularity of Dolato is its fragrance. Unlike the other strains, Dolato doesn’t have an overly pungent smell. It has a clean, sweet and earthy smell giving it a herbal feel in the aroma. You will get that feeling of ‘nature’ from the smell itself.

3. Flavor

Well, Dolato doesn’t just have a good smell. Instead, it also has a good aftertaste as well adding to its popularity. While the herbal undertone doesn’t compromise on the richness, the Berry pine flavour with a spicy exhale adds to the ‘green’ feel.

4. Effects

Dolato is known for its deep cerebral relaxation effect leaving a kickback without much sedation. People reach out to it on a pleasant evening for that airy and slow cooking buzz feel that lasts quite some time and later taking into that state of euphoria. Everything starts from the forehead, relaxing the limbs slowly. When you feel that tingling on your palms and feet, you are now melting into thin air.

Takers boast of mood boosts and being able to focus their mind and energy making it a perfect companion in brainstorming sessions. You might feel hungry afterwards, make sure you have stock of what you love to have.

5. After-effects

As mentioned, it’s a highly potent strain perfect for lazy afternoon lovers and after work relaxers. With good THC content, it should be started slowly in small amounts. You should be comfortable with those highs before you decide to go hard.

Common side effects include a sense of Dehydration and dry eyes. You will be back to normal after drinking some water. But when overdoing, this is not the case. Total giddiness and muscle spasms are awaiting you in the worse case. So hard hitters have to distance themselves from Dolato.

6. Farming

Here are some details for those who are interested in growing this Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Dolato consists of 30/70% of saliva/Indica with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks indoors and it is during mid-October you get to see them bloom outdoors. The indoor yield can be up to 16 ounces per aquarelle yard whereas an outdoor plant can yield 18 ounces.

They are more resistant to humidity thanks to the stronger stem. You can also be a worry-free farmer as they don’t attract pests.

FAQs on Dolato

  • How did it get the name, Dolato?

The name Dolato is derived from its parents: Gelato #41 and Do-Si-Do.

  • Who will love this strain?

It’s a perfect weed for those who love a relaxing evening indoors. It can also be a lifesaver for those who feel depressed with a loss of appetite. It is also found to be effective against migraines as well.

  • How does it smell?

It has an earthy scent with footnotes of pine, spice and musk.

  • What does it look like?

It’s dark green with small hues of red and purple with bright orange pistils & a flat bud.

  • How harsh are the side effects?

On proper dosage, it won’t hurt you as much. You won’t feel anything worse than other cannabis-derived strains. But on heavy dosage limb fatigues and muscle spasms follow.

To Roundup

Considering all these factors this creamy sweet and earthy strain has a relaxing and calm evening on offer. The highs inherited from the parents make it a powerful weed which on overuse can ruin the whole fun it disposes of. On the farming side, it is the favourite as well, considering its resistance to humidity and pests. Everyone will fall for the sweet aftertaste and the level of euphoria it offers.

Where to get Dolato from?

You should be wise enough to choose your source from a credible and reliable lead. These responsible sources will keep THC levels under control and ensure that you are in no way going to mess up the dosage and highs you desire.

We source the seeds from gelatoseeds where you have more options to explore as well.