Introducing Giscotti by Elev8 Seeds

We've just added Giscotti feminized marijuana seeds to our menu at Elev8 Seeds, a premier breeder has successfully produced viable ultra premium genetics in the form of Giscotti. This breed is a Indica dominant hybrid of Gelato 33 and Biscotti. 

Giscotti has the sweet ice cream gas of Gelato 33 and the loud funk of Biscotti. This is a strain that has people asking "What is that?" and "Damn, that smells fire bro!". For the cannabis connoisseurs out there looking for an exotic marijuana strain that catches the eye, the nose, and the mind of all who grow it, smoke it, or touch it. 

We at now have this super potent, loud, sweet, gassy strain. Giscotti feminized marijuana seeds are now for sale at our USA Seed Bank. Buy here.